Supercharger is a revolutionary product capable of recharging various devices.
It is small and compact, and may be the best product for your car/boat/truck/jeep.

Main Features

  • Supercharger has extraordinary consolidating powerbank capabilities that enable it to charge your laptop and mobile phone, yet it is powerful enough to charge your electrical bike or even jumpstart your car. Its capacity of 7500-15000-24000 mAh has multifunctional ports.
  • It is small, compact, and can fit in your pocket.
  • Practical for boats, cars, trucks, electrical bikes, car lighter appliances, outdoor lights, laptops, mobile phones and much more.

Product Lines

  • Supercharger Slim
    Compatible with private vehicles.
  • 12V – 2.0 Supercharger 
    Compatible with private vehicles. Ver 2.0 is stronger and has an LCD data display.
  • 24V Heavy Duty
    Compatible with trucks, busses and other heavy vehicles.

FCC and CE Approved

Supercharger meets the highest standards and is FCC and CE approved.
The product comes with a one year limited warranty.